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Cavies require in addition to a plentiful ongoing source of Fresh Hay, clean water and an optional plain pellet; A variety of Fruits and vegetables in which to ensure they are provided with all the essential Vitamins and Minerals they require. Like humans guinea pigs cannot  manufacture their own absorbic acid or commonly referred to as vitamin C, and require this to be supplemented in their diet. Cavies require 20-30mg of Vitamin C daily to ensure they remain at optimum health. Pregnant and Lactating Sows require 30-50mg daily. See Vitamin C for further information. What Vegetables and Fruits are Best?  In any feeding regime providing vegetables that meet the necessary RDI (recommended daily intake) are always an important aspect in any diet. A wide range of lush, leafy green vegetables Cos Lettuce. coriander or kale for example, combined with high vitamin rich sources will be the key in ensuring your cavies digestive system maintains sufficient gut movement and ensures they obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals they need.  Capsicum is also another prime example of a daily vegetable and it is an excellent source of absorbic acid. It also contains antioxidants such as Beta-carotene. Beta - carotene traps free radicals, and a few studies in animals suggest that it may also reduce tumor development. How much? Guinea pigs require one cup of vegetables a day. Fruits can be distributed once or twice per week. Fruits are high in sugars and if given regularly may contribute to obesity related issues. Always provide vegetables that include a good source of vitamin C.  Vegetables can be fed twice daily - once in the morning and once at night. Not only do vegetables provide an essential source of vitamins and minerals but they also provide your guinea pig with variety in their diet. Some guinea pigs may not be interested in certain types of vegetables. A great way to overcome this lack of interest is to cover the undesirable vegetables with pure, non sweetened, all natural orange or fruit juice. Usually a cavy will smell the fruit juice and be more inclined to lick or taste the vegetable which most pigs will soon find that they do enjoy! Preparation When preparing vegetables and fruits for your guinea pigs an key rule to remember is: Never feed your cavies any food you would not eat yourself. Vegetables must be fresh, unspoiled and clean. Always rinse with water thoroughly and remove any seeds or cores. Never feed canned, dried, or otherwise processed vegetables or fruits. They must be fresh to ensure they do not contain any chemicals, sweeteners or artificial colours or flavours. Always feed fresh produce. Sample Diet Below is a sample diet that can be used to help demonstrate what vegetables and fruits can be provided. This diet is an approximate amount per pig. Quantities can vary depending on diet, medical needs and the individual preference of vegetables per pig. In addition to vegetables and fruits always include a constant supply of fresh grass hay.   Day            Time Food Amount (per pig) Monday       AM Cherry Tomatoes 1                                               Endive Lettuce 2-3 large leaves   Cos Lettuce 2-3 large leaves Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced  Baby Carrot 1 Yellow Capsicum 1/8 sliced Coriander 2-3 sprigs                  Monday       PM Parsley 2 sprigs Green Beans 2 Red Capsicum 1/8 sliced Blueberries 3-4 berries Celery 3-4 small pieces Cos Lettuce 4 large leaves Cherry Tomato 1 Tuesday AM Endive 3 large leaves Cherry Tomato 1 Cos Lettuce 4 leaves Zuchini 2cm Piece Baby Carrot 1 Red Capsicum 1/8 sliced Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Tuesday PM Apple One thick slice Cos Lettuce 2-3 leaves Cucumber 1/4 large slice Coriander 2 sprigs Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Dill 1 sprig Wednesday AM Endive 2 large leaves Cherry Tomato 1 Butter head Lettuce 1-2 leaves Zuchini 2cm Piece Baby Carrot 1 Red Capsicum 1/8 sliced Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Wednesday PM Mixed Lettuce Handful Celery Leaves 2 Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Coriander 2 Sprigs Orange 1 slice Blueberries 3-4 berries Thursday AM Endive 1-2 large leaves Cos Lettuce 1-2 large leaves Frilly/exotic lettuce 2 large leaves Rock Melon One slice Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Thursday PM Endive 3 large leaves Cherry Tomato 1 Kiwi Fruit One small slice Red Capsicum 1/8 sliced Friday AM Endive 3 large leaves Belgian Endive 3 large leaves Borecole 2 leaves Blueberry 3-4 berries Cherry Tomato 1 Broccoli 1 floret Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Friday PM Chicory 2 large leaves Endive 3 large leaves Corriander 2-3 sprigs Spinach 2 leaves Blackberry 2 berries Saturday AM Red frilly lettuce 2-3 leaves Coriander 2-3 sprigs Baby Carrot 1 Cherry Tomato 1 Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced   Cos Lettuce 3 leaves Saturday PM Basil 2-3 leaves   Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Endive 2-3 leaves Borecole 2 leaves Apple 1 slice   Cos Lettuce 3 leaves Sunday AM Cherry Tomatoes 1 Endive Lettuce 4 large leaves Cos Lettuce   4 large leaves Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Baby Carrot 1 Yellow Capsicum 1/8 sliced Coriander 2-3 sprigs Sunday PM Strawberries Endive Lettuce 4 large leaves Cos Lettuce 4 large leaves Green Capsicum 1/8 sliced Mint 1-2 leaves  
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